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For baptism enquiries,please call the Parish Office: 21 Church Street, Dronfield, Tel 01246 412328. Opening hours  Monday-Friday 9.30-2.00 pm.


Your eligibility to be married in St. Swithin’s Church will depend upon whether you have been married before, live in the wider Dronfield and Holmesfield Parish, or have an historical connection to the Parish. For more information call the Parish Office, 21 Church Street, Dronfield, Tel 01246 412328. Opening hours Monday-Friday 9.30-2.00 pm 


People whose address is in the Parish of Holmesfield, or who have lived in the village previously, have a right to be buried or have their ashes interred in St Swithins churchyard.  We are willing to take funeral services either in church, or at the cemetery or crematorium. For more information call the Churchwarden Robin Greetham Tel 01246 412767


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