Conditions of Hire





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The building: The Church Hall adjoins the St Swithins Church, and is administered by the St Swithins DCC (District Church Council). The Hall has a capacity for 120 people. There is a kitchen suitable for the preparation of drinks, the reheating of pre-cooked food and serving of cold food or snacks. It has not been designed on a commercial basis for the preparation of cooked meals from start to finish. The separate meeting room can accommodate about 12 people around a table. There is an adjacent car park with almost level access into the building.

Conditions of hire:

The hirer will comply with the following conditions:

  1. Bookings: Bookings can only be made by persons aged 21 or over. Bookings must be confirmed in writing by signing the Booking Confirmation Form and returning it with the correct payment to Mrs Jenny Banks, Spa House, Cowley Lane, Holmesfield, S18 7SD. St Swithins reserves the right to refuse bookings or cancel any bookings at any time and also reserves the right to stop any event in progress if, in its opinion, the premises are not being used in an orderly or agreed manner. For one off bookings the hire charges must be paid in advance. For repeat bookings the deposit only need be paid in advance, with the actual hire charge paid on a monthly basis within 14 days of presentation of the invoice. Cheques should be made payable to Holmesfield PCC. The hirer must ensure they leave themselves enough time for any set up and packing away at the end of their session. The hirer will be charged for this time and this activity must be done within the hire time.  Once your payment and signed booking confirmation are received, your booking is confirmed. 
  1. Cancellation: If later you find that the event has to be cancelled then a refund will be provided less 25% administration charge. We regret however that a cancellation made 5 working days or less before the event will not receive a refund. Please make contact as soon as possible should you need to amend any booking.
  1. Premises: Under no circumstances may decorations, notices, posters, etc, be affixed to any part of the premises without permission from the Caretaker. If required there are movable notice boards that may be hired at an additional modest charge. The hirer should take reasonable care of the premises and leave them in a generally tidy state. Hirers should indemnify St Swithins for any extra cost of cleaning or repairs arising from the hirer’s use. Breakages should be reported immediately to the Caretaker and paid for in full. The hirer will not use the premises for any unlawful purpose, nor anything that is not in keeping with the Christian beliefs of St Swithins, or conflicts with the church child welfare and protection policy. This policy is available for inspection through the Bookings Officer. The hirer will not do anything which shall endanger the premises or contents or any insurance policy relative thereto. The hirer will respect the privacy of other users and our neighbours at all times. Music must cease by 11 pm, and the premises vacated by 12 midnight. There are no bookings on Sundays, and the St Swithins DCC reserve the right to use the premises and amend bookings as the need arises. Any member of St Swithins DCC or other authorised persons (e.g. police officers or local authority representatives) shall be allowed access at any time. This is to comply with local authority regulations.
  1. Insurance: You must have your own insurance in place against third party claims, which may arise as a result of your use of the premises. The Hall is insured against any claim arising from negligence on the part of the Hall Management Committee. However, it accepts no responsibility in respect of loss, accident, damage, death or injury that may occur whilst persons are on the premises, including the car park and access footpaths. In the event of an accident occurring on the premises full details must be written in the accident report book, which is kept in the bottom drawer in the kitchen.
  1. Smoking: In the interests of health and safety, smoking is prohibited throughout the premises and also in the burial grounds surrounding the Church and Hall.
  1. Conduct: Hirers are responsible for the conduct of persons using the premises during the hiring and must prevent, as far as possible, any conduct which may lead to a breach of the peace.
  1. Fire safety: Hirers will be shown the location of fire appliances and emergency exits on their first booking. In the event of fire being discovered, the building must be evacuated and the emergency services and caretaker notified immediately. Hirers must be responsible for appointing stewards to help with evacuation of the building in the event of the fire alarm being activated. Fire equipment must not be moved, concealed or used for any other purpose.
  1. Doors, windows & lights: The premises must be left well secured at the end of each hiring session, with windows shut and locked, lights extinguished and doors locked, unless requested otherwise by prior arrangement with the Caretaker.
  1. Kitchen: Use of the kitchen must be agreed in advance. Strict environmental health regulations are in force, and instructions covering hygiene and the use of equipment displayed in the kitchen must be observed. The H
  2. hirer must ensure that any outside caterer employed is properly registered with the appropriate authority.
  1. Alcohol: Sales of alcohol MUST NOT take place anywhere on the premises.
  1. Entertainment Licences: The hirer is responsible for ensuring that, where required, a local authority licence is obtained.
  1. Lost property: Lost property will be kept for a maximum of 30 days. If the property is not claimed by the end of that period it will be disposed of or sold and the proceeds paid into Church funds.
  1. Rubbish: Please put rubbish into the appropriate wheelie bin. What you leave behind is often what the next hirer will find. Please leave the rooms and facilities as you would expect to find them, including the thermostat. This is set at a stable temperature day and night. It is a geothermal system, and  the thermostat is not be adjusted at any time.


September 2019